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Home Equity Line of Credit Application
Getting Started
We understand your time is valuable. This online application is quick, easy, and secure.
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Applying Online
Estimated Application Time: 10 minutes (15 minutes with a co-applicant).

Applying online for a Santander Bank account is quick and easy.

You may want to gather the following information about yourself and your co-applicant (if any) to assist you with completing the application:

  1. Income information
  2. Amounts of other debt you may want to payoff with the proceeds of this new Line of Credit
  3. Information about your residence that will be used as collateral such as mortgage payment amount, balance and taxes
  4. Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

All information on this site is secure and we will not share any of your personal information with outside parties.

Home equity lines of credit are available to residents in the following states: NH, CT, DC, RI, MA, ME, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VT and DE.

* Are you applying as an individual or with a co-applicant?
* Do you have an offer code?

If you would prefer to share this information with us over the phone, please call 877-768-2265.

Once you have submitted the application:

Expect to receive a phone call from a Product Specialist or a letter.

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